Business Idea for Women: Swimming Lessons

As an aspiring businesswoman, finding the best business idea to kickstart your career can get a little overwhelming. After all, you have to consider if the business you want to start will be successful and if all the efforts and risks you will take will be worth it in the end.

So, if you still don’t know what business you’d like to start, you may want to look into this business idea. If you’ve got a great passion for swimming, then you may want to check out this business model we have below for swimming lessons. But before we go into that, here’s everything you need to know about swimming lesson businesses.

Swimming Lessons: Business Idea For Women

Everything You Need to Know About When Opening a Business for Swimming Lessons

What is it all about?

A business for swimming lessons is a business that provides various classes to teach people how to swim correctly. This includes basic lessons such as floating, breathing techniques, gliding, and paddling. After mastering these introductory lessons, one can learn about various swimming strokes and other advanced swimming lessons that will significantly improve their swimming skills.

There are a variety of ways how you can conduct swimming lessons. For example, you can teach students privately with one-on-one lessons, or you can conduct them in groups where students have the opportunities to interact with each other.

Who is this business idea suitable for?

A swimming lesson business is suitable for those who wish to make their passion and love for swimming into their profession. If you’re knowledgeable and a certified instructor for the job, this can greatly aid you as you first start your business. In addition, if you also quickly get along with anyone and have enough patience to teach people of all ages, then you’ll be good to go.

How much time or money does it require to start and operate?

Just like any business, starting a swimming lesson business isn’t easy at all. After all, you will have to consider the most cost-effective means to jumpstart your business, and planning on getting a swimming pool built is way too costly.

For instance, the best way to save up on costs is to rent a swimming pool hosted by schools, hotels, or any other place that rents out a pool. You may also rent out swimming gear to save up on extra costs as well. Of course, you will also have to consider the expenses you’ll shell out to get your business known out there.

Usually, the minimum cost needed to start and operate a swimming lesson business is around $2,000. This includes everything you need for your business, such as pool and swimming gear rentals, marketing and advertising costs, and other necessary expenses. And if you’re able to, you will have to shell out more than $40,000 if you want to build your pool property for conducting swimming lessons.

Other things to consider

Of course, when you’re considering starting a swimming lesson business, be sure to do the required paperwork you’ll have to work on to start and operate your business. These include doing the necessary agreements for partnerships, services, and employment (if you’re hiring staff for your business).

Now that we’ve discussed everything you need to know about starting a business for swimming lessons, we can now proceed to discuss the business model for this business you’re interested in creating.

Business Model

Customer Segments:

Before anything else, you should consider who your target audience is. For example, do you mainly want to teach children? Or do you want to teach older populations? Establishing your target audience will help you to better market your business to attract more customers.

Ideally, you can primarily market your services to children since parents often enroll them in these lessons to know how to properly learn how to swim. Or, you can focus your audience on older children who are already interested in swimming and further honing their skills.

Value Proposition

Most of the time, parents will have their children enrolled in swimming lessons to get their kids to swim in a few lessons. Because of this, it will generally be hard to compete with other businesses that are already reputed in the market. With this, it’s essential to establish a brand that earns the trust of your customers.

Additionally, you can also establish your swimming school business with a niche. By conducting prior market research, you can see other businesses offering swimming lessons in your area. From there, try to see what they lack in. And with enough brainstorming, you can set a swimming lesson business that sets you apart from your competitors.


The next part of this business plan is to consider your business’ channels. How do you plan to reach out to your target audiences? Examples of channels include creating websites, social media accounts, and traditional ads that will make your business known out there by your target audiences.

You can ask your friends, maybe they or their kids would like to improve their swimming skills.

Customer Relationships

To ensure your customers can fully trust you with your services, you must make the important steps to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your services. For example, let your customers know of your certifications as an instructor will give them the guarantee that getting your services is worth it.

Other than providing quality swimming lessons, you must ensure that your services are accessible. For example, is your business using the latest technologies for speedy transactions? After all, even the tiniest bits about your business can significantly affect your business relationships with your customers.


You might want to consider partnerships as well that might leverage a value proposition. Think about it, are there nearby schools and organizations you can partner with to expand your business to others? Partnering with several organizations is an excellent way to reach out to other customers.

Or perhaps, are there any retailers nearby selling products related to your business that you can partner up with? For instance, you can partner up with these retailers so that your customers can buy products from your retail partners at discounted prices.

Key activities

To increase or regularly provide a value proposition, you must ensure your business is well-marketed. So, consider how you’re going to promote your business. This can be achieved through a variety of means.

For instance, social media is an accessible means to properly advertise your business by posting there frequently. If you run a website for your business, you can run a blog to promote your business through content marketing. You can even conduct regular email marketing campaigns to reach out to new customers and promote your services there.

Additionally, you can offer special promos now and then, which you can post on all your advertising platforms or email campaigns, to attract more customers, such as providing promos during the summer when swimming lessons are at their peak.

It can get overwhelming with the different options you can choose from, but with enough research, you can adequately strategize and promote your business with several key activities.

Key resources

Now, we will move on to consider the key resources of your business. Besides having the much-needed swimming pool, you must ensure that your business is equipped with the tools and equipment needed to teach your students how to swim.

These tools and equipment include goggles, bathing caps, floaters, kickboards, noodles, and many more. You have the option to buy all of these for your swimming lessons, but you can also find swimming gear available for renting for lower costs.

Revenue streams

For this matter, you will now have to note how to price your services and how you plan to charge your clients. Depending on how you structure your swimming lessons, your means of assessing your customers can vary.

For example, you can charge your customers per lesson they take. You can also charge your customers monthly fees if you’re structuring your lessons with a detailed course. Additionally, you can even offer discounted classes for those who intend to learn regularly by creating membership plans for them.

Cost structure

Last but not least, you should take note of the major costs, regular or irregular, you must consider. For instance, your regular costs include your marketing campaigns, pool and gear rentals, and the like. You may also have to look out for irregular expenses, such as repairing accidentally broken swimming gear used by your students. Moreover, it’s essential to maintain your regular costs at a minimum to reach your break-even point much sooner.

Business Model Canvas of Swimming Lessons Business Idea For Women

Final Takeaways

Of course, starting a business isn’t easy work. But with a carefully created business model, you can ensure that you didn’t miss out on any crucial details in order to successfully start your business. And with enough effort, determination, and passion placed into building your business, your swimming lesson business will turn out amazing.

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