Review of This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds

Bobby Hundreds has yet again made a prominent book about the streetwear fashion that encapsulated so many hearts in the 21st century, and he is here to do all that again in this business book: This Is Not a T-Shirt. Just like his previous novels that depict his life and works, this literature centralizes on the premise of his philosophy and direction about the streetwear industry and how it is incorporated into his very own lifestyle.

Streetwear has always emerged to many as “cool” or hip that correlates itself with the different businesses that show the integral pieces of how it is artistic to dress up. To know more about the book and whether or not it’s a good read, we have made a short review explaining its short summary and what the good points are to help you understand why this book should be a part of your life!

The summary: What’s This Is Not a T-Shirt all about?

The creative minds of Bobby hundreds have made a novel about the inner workings of the fashion industry, especially around the streetwear brand. He talks about the different things that make up the fashion industry, and the trams of being in it for quite a long time.

His exposes about the fashion industry helped him become who he is today, and the story of The Hundreds that ranges from his many experiences that turned him into the champion of the market. His memoir has deep roots in his character wherein he is inspiring the many youths who have a passion for the fashion industry, and he hopes to make it a fun time that incorporates the vision he has for the many brands moving forward.

For whom is This Is Not a T-Shirt?

This business book is for those who want to delve deeper into the fashion industry, especially those who are interested in contemporary fashion like street and punk wear. If you are getting started with modern fashion, then this business book is especially for you.

Is This Is Not a T-Shirt any good?

This Is Not a T-Shirt speaks so much about an industry that’s so condensed with its own niche. While it piques interest for a few, it may not be the best book for the general reader wherein fashion is more mainstream. The precepts of fashion are heavily discussed in Bobby’s book, but not to the extent of providing insight into everything that needs to be learned for a fashion beginner.

Regardless, it will satisfy a niche that would more than likely interest some who are open to the idea of a very condensed market in and of itself. A great read, but not something a beginner nor a person without any interest in fashion would want to delve into.

What are business books similar to This Is Not a T-Shirt?

A better book from Bobby himself is The Hundreds which speaks of the many anecdotes of his life’s story and the many businesses he helped flourish within the market. Although this book is more than enough to satisfy anyone who loves fashion, his predecessor has a lot more to offer than what This Is Not a T-Shirt has in store.

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