Review of Will It Fly? by Patt Flynn

Introduction to the review of Will It Fly?

Will It Fly is a book written by entrepreneur and author Pat Flynn. His works range from online businesses like Smart Passes Income, online courses, podcasts, affiliate marketing, and books like To the Light and Superfans.

Despite writing fictional stories, Pat Flynn has recently authored books about business as he pulls and gathers bits and pieces from his own experiences to share with like-minded individuals who strive to become better businessmen, entrepreneurs, and individuals in general. In this business book review, we will be looking at his 2016 book Will It Fly?

What is Will It Fly all about?

Will It Fly is a book that details the steps to successfully testing your business idea without wasting time, money, and effort. He breaks down his steps into five steps:

  1. Mission Design: Aligning your ideas with your goals
  2. Development Lab: Uncovering Important Details
  3. Flight Planning: Assessing the Market Conditions
  4. Flight Simulator: Validating and Testing the Idea; and
  5. All Systems Go: Final Analysis.

As the name suggests, Pat Flynn’s approach in his book uses paper planes and flying as metaphors for business testing. But, once you start reading the book, you will be surprised at how experiential the content is in its manner of delivery. So, if you were expecting a full symbolic and analogous writing style between paper planes and business, you might be disappointed.

That said, does the book disappoint? No. It actually does the opposite.

Will It Fly is a reader-friendly book that directly narrates what must be said without filling the page with unnecessary fillers for the sake of density. Also, Pat Flynn has authored the book from his own deep business experience, and the content clearly translates this message.

As Mr. Flynn details each part, he chooses to give concrete examples to implement the steps and other possible scenarios. Given his rich background and history with business, the reader will easily identify with the author’s experiences as he shares and narrates his own success stories and failures that led to his current status.

For a book like Will It Fly to work, there must be a sense of humanity that will trigger the imagination of readers and make them say, “that’s just like me,” and the book does so magnificently. Perhaps one of the reasons the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” became so successful is that it cleverly tapped real scenarios instead of comic executions of overnight success. Will It Fly works the same way because Pat Flynn ensured that the book feels as though you were talking to that uncle of yours who’s always been full of wisdom and tells you stories of both triumphs and disasters.

Final Thoughts on Will It Fly?

Will It Fly focuses on the importance of personal values and how identifying the self foremost makes an extreme difference in what success will feel and look like. As much as the book details pieces of advice and steps about business and ideas, it still tracks down the human principle and humanizes business instead of portraying it as soulless profit-driven agenda.

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