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Amazon's Business Model Canvas Evolution And History
Business models of large companies

Check how Amazon’s main focus allowed the company to thrive. Amazon’s Business Model Canvas and how it changed from the very beginning.

So what does it take to create the world’s largest online marketplace? It seems impossible to fully comprehend how a small startup online bookseller became one of today’s most profitable companies. The numbers don’t lie; according to Statista, Amazon’s annual revenue in 2020 was reported at 21.33 billion U.S. dollars,

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17 Must-Read Business Books Reviews
Business books reviews

18 Must-Read Business Books

There are hundreds of thousands of business books out there. Michael Parrish DuDell from Forbes estimated that 11 thousand business books are being published every year. It’s almost 1000 books a month. I’ve already read hundreds of business books. I don’t exaggerate. I read 10-30 books a year. Most of

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