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Review of Will It Fly? by Patt Flynn

Introduction to the review of Will It Fly? Will It Fly is a book written by entrepreneur and author Pat Flynn. His works range from online businesses like Smart Passes Income, online courses, podcasts, affiliate marketing, and books like To the Light and Superfans. Despite writing fictional stories, Pat Flynn

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Review of “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” from 2001 stays as one of the classic business books. This is a research-founded study about how companies transition into a better place than they are in the present. The 5 years’ worth of findings is incorporated in a 300-page hardcover. The book mainly talked

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Review of Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Summary of Digital Minimalism Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport describes how our lives are being dominated by constant digital distractions. Newport believes that we have to digitally declutter our lives to get back to our better sense of self and understand those around us. To do this, Newport suggests a

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