Business Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

First published in 1937, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is a classic business book that has remained popular throughout the ages. In essence, it’s a book about becoming wealthy by adopting the right mindset and avoiding the pitfalls that keep people living in poverty. Today, many consider this book to be outdated. But if you’re a believer in the principles of positive thinking, it could be an interesting read.

Who Was Napoleon Hill, the Author of Think and Grow Rich?

Napoleon Hill was an author and public speaker who lived during the Great Depression. He was good friends with people like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Studying these people’s lives helped him come up with a 13 step program that aimed to put people on the path to wealth.

The Style of Think and Grow Rich

Hill was a public speaker who knew how to appeal to the masses. So when he wrote his business book “Think and Grow Rich”, he strived to make it as accessible as possible. Although it was written over 80 years ago, modern readers won’t have much of a struggle when it comes to understanding the ideas that Hill exposes.

The Content of Think and Grow Rich: What Is It All About?

So much of the content of this book revolves around “positive thinking”. Hill posits that anyone can become rich simply by wanting it hard enough. Although this book isn’t research-based or founded on any psychological principles, it is a highly motivating read.

Throughout the book, Hill discusses how to align your desires with your actions to achieve anything you want in life. Indeed, it’s not so much a book about becoming rich as it is a book about getting what you want. In other words, the contents of this book also apply to other goals. One of the things that make this book so motivating is the way that Hill talks about persistence: keeping on pursuing your goals, even in the face of adversity. And as someone who was alive during the Great Depression, he should know a thing or two about adversity!

Now on to some of the more questionable parts of this book. A lot of Hill’s philosophy is based around the principle that your thoughts can “affect mother nature”. He claims that changing the way you think could have real-life consequences. To be sure, this is a theory that makes sense in a lot of ways. But the way that Napoleon Hill writes about these concepts can sound rather mystic to a 21rst century audience. Expect a lot of talk on “vibrations”, “infinite intelligence”, and “transmutation”.

There are other problematic aspects of this book that readers have struggled with over the years. For example, Hill talks about refusing to teach his deaf son sign language, claiming he should learn to fit into “normal society”. He also writes about how a strong sex drive correlates with creative success, and how abstaining from sexual activity can be key in getting what you want in life.

Is Think and Grow Rich for Me?

I’ll be honest with you: this business book will mainly appeal to people who believe in The Law of Attraction and similar concepts. If you’re looking for a motivating book on adopting the right mindset to grow rich, it is a worthwhile read. But if you’re put off by too much mysticism, this won’t be the book for you.

Final Thoughts on Think and Grow Rich

There is a lot to be gained from reading Napoleon Hill’s 1937 business book Think and Grow Rich. It’s a highly inspirational book that can motivate you to change your mindset to achieve wealth. That being said, some parts of this book haven’t stood the test of time.

Business Books Similar To Think and Grow Rich

If you’re looking for a more modern or research-based book on developing your mindset, we recommend looking into Grit by Angela Duckworth or Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck.

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