Review of Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder

Suppose you want to learn more about how the business operates, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, Hoboken, John Wiley, and Johns. This business book is a grand entrance to know the different kinds of business schemes you ought to know when you start a small business and want to grow it into an excellent corporation someday for investors to buy out.

If you want to learn if this business model canvas is worth any time and money, you should read our review of the Business Model Generation to have an in-depth knowledge of what the business book is all about!

The summary: What’s Business Model Generation all about?

The book discusses some of the more critical aspects of a business and how to start and grow it to become a successful entity one day. It also challenges the unique situations wherein business owners or entrepreneurs will face daily. Some of the more difficult concepts of a business will be discussed, such as:

  • Customer segments
  • Value propositions
  • Channel distribution, sales, and communications
  • Customer relationship management
  • Revenue streams
  • Key resources
  • Key activities
  • Cost structure
  • Key partnerships

The book also talks about the most critical attitudes and traits in starting a business, which is the most integral part of the whole endeavor. Furthermore, you’re presented with statistics that will help you understand how you should grow your business into a profitable entity for the future.

For whom is Business Model Generation?

Business Model Generation is for those who want to start a business or people who are not so adept at business language and other concepts related to science. It’s a walkthrough on how to be able to manage your business and make it a successful enterprise someday.

Regardless of your age or ethnic background, the book will teach you how to accept the different obstacles to maintain a successful business which is not the easiest thing to do in the world.

For whom is it NOT?

Sometimes, the terms coined in the book are too hard to understand, so a basic understanding of how the general economy works and the schemes most businesses adapt will make the whole read much more straightforward.

While this book is by no means a complicated one, you still need to understand the basic concepts to grasp the main differences between each term that will push you to learn the whole gist of the book.

Is Business Model Generation worth reading, and why?

Business Model Generation is of reputable stigma. The literature writers have been around in the business world for quite some time and want to share this newfound knowledge in the most understandable way possible.

This book is definitely worth the read, and that’s saying something because there are different textbooks in the world like Kotler’s Marketing Principles, which is also a great book to read for beginner to intermediate business students.

Furthermore, the book is relatively easy to understand without alienating the more intermediate readers. It’s an outstanding balance of both worlds, and it’s at least worth a few pages of reads even if you’re going to put it down due to either the lack of interest or complex terms that are too hard to understand, for starters. Nevertheless, it mixes the two perfectly, which will cater to almost all kinds of readers.

Who are the authors of Business Model Generation?

The authors are all notable in the field of corporate finance, marketing, and accounting. They are all researchers who have been doing this gig for a long time and would now want to share their knowledge with the world in this collective effort that conceived this marriage of ideas that made this very book in the first place. You are bound to learn a thing or two from the best minds of business in the world.

What are business books similar (is it better or worse?) to Business Model Generation?

Michael Kotler’s Marketing Principles is very similar to this book, which talks heavily about the different aspects of marketing, one of the first things to learn in a business. While the two books are similar, it’s still best to read Business Model Generation first because it will be knowledge that will teach you the business structure and how it will operate. Marketing is something you will learn in the process, so reading the two sequentially is a great way to get better at learning business concepts.

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