Business Book Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman

In “Thinking, Fast and Slow” psychologist, and Nobel prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, explores the theory that there are two separate systems that control decision-making within the human brain. The business book moves on to explore how these two systems often do battle in our minds, and how this can lead to errors in our judgment and important decision making. Finally, the book shows practical ways in which we can overcome the internal battle, by tapping into the correct system for the correct scenario.

Do I recommend Thinking, Fast and Slow and why?

Yes. This book will benefit readers who are looking to explore ways to make better decisions. Particularly within the world of business and in their careers.

Summary of Thinking, Fast and Slow

The thesis of this business book is that the human mind has two separate processes for thinking and decision making. I shall refer to these as system one, and system two.

System one could be described as an initial reaction or a gut feeling. It is the kind of decision that we would make based on emotion or instinct. The thoughts resulting from system one can often be automatic with little or no sense of control. As a complete opposite, system two is all about control. Thoughts and decisions from system two tend to follow the internal debate, logical thinking, and deliberation.

The book demonstrates that while we need both systems for different scenarios and different aspects of life, we can benefit ourselves, by making a conscious decision to engage one system, instead of the other, in certain situations. Kahneman gives specific examples of this while talking us through the self-development process.

Who would I recommend Thinking, Fast and Slow to?

I would personally recommend this business book to anyone who is looking to make better decisions, within their own business or career. I believe anyone who has selected this book to achieve improved self-management and productivity will not be disappointed. As with all books that fall into the self-help or self-development genre you do need to be open-minded, and ready to embrace changes.

The way the systems are explained, and backed by research and data, really gave me the mindset to want to engage with the change process. I found the book thought-provoking and very inspiring. I am excited to implement the practical process and cannot wait to see the benefits in my improved business ideas and better leadership skills.

I would also recommend this to fans, or students, of psychology. Kahneman presents his data and research findings very well, making this a fascinating read for anyone like myself with a strong interest in the field.

Who would I not recommend Thinking, Fast and Slow to?

If you prefer your self-improvement material to be more entertaining and light-hearted, this may not be the book for you. This is a business book providing a detailed and in-depth look at the human mind and phycology. At times it felt like a heavy read which is not to all tastes.

Daniel Kahneman, the author of Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman is a renowned psychologist. This business book gained him the 2012 National Academies Communication Award. In 2002 he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Similar business books to Thinking, Fast and Slow

Other books which have inspired me are; “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg and “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t” by James C. Collins. These business books allowed me to self-analyze, before making practical changes to the way I work. I credit both of these titles as I have seen genuine benefits in my business after reading them and following their advice.

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